English Summary

This is a German website, nevertheless I'd like to give you at least a brief summary in English.

Without much ado do stick figures put in a nutshell, what hordes of authors write down in thick books about: 


Especially facial expressions are mirroring our emotions and there is no way to hide them because they have already been essential for our survival thousands of years ago, at a time when these expressions had been the only way to communicate.

These stick figures are international.

Because they don't need the spoken language and are being understood anyway - by just a few simple lines.

Furthermore there are several of our emotions being expressed and understood all over the world.

Why thus don't we just take advantage of these facts by cultivating the stick figures for us personally, in our job, in coaching, education and therapy?

Although my "stick-figures-book" does not (yet) exist in English, you might nevertheless use the tools and games I developed on basis of the book which covers three important topics:

  • basic knowledge about body language, facial expressions and emotions;
  • how to draw emotional stick figures;
  • use and effects in the fields of education, therapy, coaching, every day life & profession.
The seven universal basic emotions.
The seven universal basic emotions.

tools & Games

Wherever and whenever people come together, emotions are involved!

It does not matter if you are an educator, teacher, therapist, coach or parent. You can use these universally emotional stick figures for setting impulses within groups or single settings, teaching and developing empathy and a certain understanding and reading capacity of emotions, mood and its facial expressions. This will help to to "read" and understand someone's own emotions as well those of other people.

These stick figures will also smooth the way of integration, because they are a  humorous and entertaining tool and bridge between different cultures.

Last but not least, it's just fun! 

At the time being the coaching tools and games can only be delivered to some countries abroad. In case your country is not listed, just get in touch with me in order to find out the delivery costs for your country, too. 


Your orders are understood as "print on demand", which means, the tools and games will be produced/printed especially for you. The delivery time to any country abroad might take a few days longer than the average-delivery within Germany. Payment via Paypal only. You'll get there during the order process. "Print-On-Demand"-Orders cannot be cancelled. By ordering you accept this.